The Power of Kabbalah by Marcoantonio J Lee


Back in 2001 by birth father introduced me to Kabbalah. At that time I had just began my path of spirituality and my father who was living in Florida was studying at the Kabbalah Center in Miami Beach.He sent me some videos and literature on Kabbalah and wow I was in love. Living in Seattle there was no Kabbalah Center so I reached out to the Kabbalah Center in LA and they sent a teacher up to Seattle and together we co created an introduction to Kabbalah Class. Right after the class ended, I quit my job and moved from Seattle to Florida to begin studying Kabbalah. There are three forms of Kabbalah that I have studied over the years Christian, Egyptian and Jewish Kabbalah. Kabbalah means to receive. It is the study of creation and shares with us the technology of how to receive endless fulfillment from the Tree of Life reality. When arriving here in Florida, I was so excited to begin studying. I went to the Kabbalah Center and began volunteering a lot. It was wonderful. The breakthroughs I received from volunteering were numerous. My father introduced me his teacher Shimon Sarfati. Though Shimon would probably disagree with me, to me he is a modern day sage. He would say that he is merely a vessel for the light force of the creator to pour from, that the wisdom is not of his own and that he is merely the messenger of the teachings that were passed to him by the late Rav Berg. Yes this is true, but the way he delivers his message is what touches the soul of his students. All the teachers of the Kabbalah Center are great as they step out of the way to be of service, but it was Shimon that shared with me one of the most profound lessons that to this day I carry with me. That to be spiritual is to be responsible not just for ourselves but for others and the world. This was so profound to me because it is one of the biggest things for a person to swallow, responsibility. The ability to respond in a proactive manner makes one spiritual and wise. I later in life came to see that when we take responsibility for our selves and other we become empowered to be co creators with the creator as everything is a manifestation of our ego so we are responsible for the good and bad in our lives. Sometimes we just can’t see the connection. Kabbalah like Ayurveda is a living system, an ancient body of collective knowledge passed down from teacher to student over the ages. Kabbalah has the Power to change one’s life by transforming one’s perspective from victim to co creator and pushing one to expand their comfort zone transforming their nature. Although I blend aspects of Kabbalah into my practice Anahata OM, I am not a Kabbalistic Sage. If you would like to experience what the Power of Kabbalah can do for you then I invite you to come meet Shimon and the other teachers at the Kabbalah Center Miami and just see how far down the rabbit hole you can go.


3 Ways To Quickly Connect To Our Heart and Soul by Michelle Alva


What are you enthusiastic about?

What lights you up?

What would you do for free?

What are you motivated to get done and you don’t need any pushing to do it?

We are all here designed to function at our best when we live guided by what we feel naturally enthusiastic about. These are the things that are authentically aligned with our heart and soul’s joy.

Often times we instead live by what other people think we should be doing. We give into our parent, family and culture’s projection on us of what is right and what is better for us to be or do. Religion is an example of this. For example, if a woman is gay, she might suppress her desires to be with another woman. A son raised by a family of lawyers, might suppress his yearning to be an artist for fear that he be rejected by his family.

This happens so often that we are not even aware of it. Is there something that you keep thinking of that you want to try but you suppress those desires because of what others might think of you?

I tried belly dance after many years of wanting to try this dance, because I judged myself as this might not be acceptable by my mom or husband at the time.

This made me become aware of how programmed I was to live by what other people would think of me.

I was scared of not being loved for who I am, and now after many years of deep self-soul work (and it’s a constant practice!), becoming intimately aware of how my heart, gut and soul feel, my perception and my life has changed 360! In every cell of my being I know that we are love, we are so loved because we were thought into form by our Creator! This knowing brings me peace and the joy and tickle in my heart can no longer be ignored!

3 Ways To Connect To Our Soul and True Heart’s Desires

  1. When we are enthusiastic about doing something, it is our soul and heart that light up! This is a quick way to become aware of what is true for you, what is honestly aligned with our soul purpose and true heart’s desires. The word enthusiastic comes from the greek root “entheos” which means “to be inspired by God.”
  2. Enthusiasm makes us aware that we are aligned with the God-Source-Creator part of us. When we are breathing peacefully and centered, we are in our soul and heart guided mode. This occurs physically when we breathe using our diaphragm primarily instead of our upper chest. My work as a physical therapist, energy healer and yoga therapist has led me to the discovery of how intricately connected our diaphragm is to our soul and enthusiasm connection. We learn how to maximize a full diaphragm contraction throughout it’s full range of motion, we learn how to maximize our soul connection! To learn how to breathe with your diaphragm click HERE. to listen to a guided meditation called “Guided Meditation To Connect To Your Heart and Soul.” If we are in fear mode, we are being driven by our ego, the part of us that feels we are separate and need to be defensive.
  3. Place your hand on your heart and feel your heart. Breathe deeply and notice how your physical and emotional heart feels. Ask yourself, “Is this what I truly desire? Am I enthusiastic about doing this? Is this true for me? Is this aligned with my heart and soul?” Ask yourself questions to get clear answers from your innate guidance system, your soul, your intuition, your wise self.

Try these easy exercises throughout your day and life, and notice how much easier it becomes to live a life full of passion, enthusiasm, joy and desire! We feel much more energized when we live by what is truly aligned with our soul and heart.

Soul Connector

And a bonus of living feeling more energized and aligned to our heart and soul is that because we ARE ENERGY, we attract into our lives what is aligned with our heart and soul!

For example, recently I was invited to be a TEDXMiami Speaker! Details to come! #TEDXMIAMI Event !


Comment down below and let us know how these exercises benefit you!

Heart and Soul driven living benefits everyone! Stay true to what is truly for YOU! It is not being selfish, it is being “Soul-fish!”

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Twin Flames by Marcoantonio J Lee




Even as a young child in Elementary school I was aware of Soul Mates. Not only was I aware of soul mates but I felt a strong importance in finding mine and thus as far back as I can remember I have been in search of the ONE. I was married twice to the same woman before but this was an experience that showed me that marriage shouldn’t be about filling empty space but that it should be a marriage of purpose. Although this wasn’t a twin flame experience for us, I learned what my soul needed was to be in a relationship with purpose.

My search has taken me across the lands for distance would not get in my way. Many people would try to introduce me to women that they felt would be a good match, but something deep within my soul knows that I will be at the perfect place and Time and so will my Twin Flame. Source will introduce me to the woman  with whom together we will reveal more light in unity as one rather than apart.

For my studies have shown me that a Twin Flame connection is for this purpose. Two souls coming together as one to reveal more light together for the greater good then they can apart. The realization that this life is not about them but for a purpose greater then them. This is the purpose for Twin Flame Connections.

We are no longer in an Age of Duality, 2012 was the ending of that age. 2013 was a year where one grounded their reality in a Tree of Life Reality or Tree of Knowledge Reality. For those that chose a Tree of Life Reality one based on Love, Order, and Soul, 2014 is the first year in a new age of Oneness. The soul can now be reunited with its completed half so that the life purpose of the soul can be fulfilled. Oneness is all there is. Duality is an illusion that keeps us trapped in separation.

Now that the time is here to harness this connection what do you do? The answer is….Your Souls work.

Don’t put your attention on drawing your soul mate rather put your attention on your Soul’s work. Do your work because your Twin Flame is also doing their work. Since this is your twin flame both of the work that you will be doing will be in line with one another. You will naturally draw each other into your life by focusing on the work that you two will be united to perform together for the greater good.

Its a simple recipe, but there are many distractions that draw our attention away from our work. So what can you do?

Find Your purpose and cultivate that purpose, for your purpose is where your work is and your purpose will be shared by your twin flame.

Imagine two people walking what appears to be different paths yet their purpose is the same those paths eventually cross bringing these two souls together. Now these two souls see that their work is in common and alliance is created. This alliance moves them forward in harmony, peace and love so that they can reveal tremendous light into the world.

This is a potential but if one of these souls are not clear, clouded and with doubt then as powerful as this union can be it can fall. It needs the power of Certainty, No Doubt and Focus to move past the distractions that are sure to come from the ego.

There is hope for everyone that desires this type of connection and the hope lies in the depth of the work that you are here to do.

Welcome to One Soul Holistic

One Soul Holistic is a platform designed to introduce to you men and women that believe in a purpose greater then themselves. Men and Women whom I call my friends and teachers that have touched my life and given me the space to expand. I believe that together we are stronger than apart. This blog is a vehicle to share their wisdom and knowledge to all those that seek inspiration and change. Let your journey into the deepest discovery of your truth begin now.